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Leaf wins the $250K investment for the GPS Radicle Challenge.

Apply to the Radicle Challenge

The GPS Challenge called on agtech and foodtech startups from around the world that were taking part in an incubator or accelerator program to apply for investment. Radicle evaluated the applicants to identify and accelerate the development of the most promising pre-seed agtech and foodtech companie(s) in the world. Through investing the amount they need to be successful at the pre-seed stage, preparing them for their next round of funding, and providing them access to Radicle’s platform, Radicle helps change the trajectory of companies in their infancy.

“Increasingly, farmers demand all-in-one solutions for their agriculture data. In response, agtech companies both large and small are quickly forming partnerships and programmatic connections between their data platforms via APIs. However, we see the vast majority of agtech companies struggling to implement and maintain their partnerships at a technical level while balancing the development of their core products. Our solution allows them to activate instant connections with their partners and remain focused on their own innovations. We’re honored to be recognized as the winner of the GPS Challenge and excited to continue our network’s expansion into North America with our new strategic partners at Radicle Growth.” 


-G. Bailey Stockdale, Leaf Agriculture CEO

Transforming our food system.

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