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MARCH 2020

Scanit Technologies wins the Radicle Challenge sponsored by Corteva AgriScience.

Apply to the Radicle Challenge

Radicle Growth and Corteva teamed up on this Challenge to identify a promising agtech startup that is solving agricultural challenges with novel technology solutions and support its success. Entrepreneurs with technologies across the agricultural landscape who are solving problems with breakthrough technology solutions were invited to apply. In addition to the investment, the winner will have access to Radicle’s company-building platform and the opportunity to engage with Corteva technology leaders to help shape, validate and refine the selected growth opportunity using virtual or actual on-the-farm assessments.

“There is no way to tell what is in the air around us. This has impacts on human health as well as a significant unmet need in agriculture. Our technology was developed based on our founders’ background in optics and defect detection. He invented a method to use optics and light to classify particles and that was the basis for our company’s launch three years ago,” said Glenn Wanke, Chief Commercial Officer, Scanit Technologies, Inc. “The funding and agronomy expertise of Radicle and Corteva will help us scale our business and commercialize the technology, validate our efforts within the indoor horticulture and outdoor crop focus areas, bring on key talent to deliver on our product roadmap and raise follow-on capital.”

Transforming our food system.

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