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MycoTechnology wins the $1M growth-stageinvestment, with BlueNalu bringing home the $250k early-stage investment for the Radicle Protein Challenge by Syngenta.

Apply to the Radicle Challenge

Radicle Growth teamed up with Syngenta, a leading agriculture company helping to improve global food security, to launch of The Radicle Protein Challenge by Syngenta. The Challenge sought applicants from around the world that provided novel solutions to support the future of protein (which could include new or experimental protein sources, or protein conversion technologies) and solved challenges spanning from plant-based ag to the regenerative side of agriculture, to invest $1.25m in.

Companies of all stages from around the world applied for the $1.25 million investment—$1 million for the Challenge winner and the $250k for the second-place winner—to accelerate the growth of their technologies. Four finalists presented in front of a leading panel of judges, including Erik Fyrwald, who deliberated and selected the two winners. The winners not only received a significant investment and custom accelerator program from Radicle Growth but will have access to Radicle and Syngenta’s broad agriculture expertise and global agtech networks to advance and promote their technologies.

Transforming our food system.

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